April 27, 2009

Expiration Dates

Recently I reached into my pantry to grab a can of soup. For some reason, I looked to see what the expiration date was. To my astonishment, the expiration date showed 2007. I began to look at the expiration date on the other food items in the pantry. With the exception of a couple of cans of corn, green chilies and pumpkin, the expiration date on all the other items was 2007.

As you probably guessed, I do not cook often. I usually buy the ingredients for a dish when I am considering making that particular dish. Sometimes the dish gets made; often times it does not. The items then get put in the pantry and forgotten about until I think about the recipe again. Sometimes it is months. Sometimes it is years.

I hate to admit it, but I have done the same thing with God. I have placed Him on a shelf; out of site, out of mind.

I have always believed in God. I was saved when I was in high school. However, I never developed a relationship with Him. I never believed that God was interested in my day to day activities. That He really wanted to know how my day went; if I was happy or sad. I never considered Him to be my friend. He was just there on the shelf for emergencies; much like a first aid kit.

God sat patiently on that shelf for many years; just longing to hear my voice call out to him.

It has taken a long time, but I am finally learning about the relationship that He desires to have with me. A relationship where we talk each and every day. A relationship where we share anything and everything. He wants to be my friend, my counsel. He wants to know and love me, flaws and all.

For years I believed that in order for God to love me, I needed to be beautiful, thin, smart…perfect. God has shown me that He loves me no matter what. No one has to tell Him what my flaws are, He knows them all. You know what? He loves me any way. He thinks I am beautiful, no matter what I weigh, how smart I am, or how organized my pantry.

I have learned that God doesn’t want to be kept on a shelf for emergencies. He wants to be involved in every aspect of my life; in little things as well as big things. He wants to celebrate the happy times and comfort me in times of sadness.

I am so grateful for God’s love. I am thankful that unlike the can goods in my pantry, His love for me does not have an expiration date, but endures forever.

Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1


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