June 13, 2009


Recently I observed a presentation on “cousin camp”. The presenter stated that she and her husband did not have a close relationship with their cousins growing up. When they had grandchildren, they began to see the importance of having close relationships with extended family members. She and her husband created a “cousin camp”. For one week each summer she hosts “cousin camp” at her home. Her grandchildren attend “cousin camp” to send time and form relationships with their cousins. No parents are allowed at cousin camp.

I thoroughly enjoyed this presentation. It made me think of my cousins.

I have a bunch of cousins on both sides of my family. However, I must admit that I am much closer to my cousins on my daddy’s side of the family. Many of us are very close in age. We practically grew up together. We were each others best friends. We shared good times and bad. We laughed and cried.

Here is a picture of Jill, Shirley, Daisy and me. The picture quality is poor (it was taken with one of those cameras that shoots the picture out and then you watch it develop). It still brings back lots of memories.

Through the years, we have all gone our separate ways. We are scattered all over the United States; which makes it hard for everyone to get together at the same time. However, when we do get together, we are all reminded of the bonds we formed as children.

These were taken in April. We still act silly; but most importantly we laugh! Joy, me, Jill, Shirley, J.L. Paul and James.

I think we need to plan a "cousin camp". Maybe for a weekend, I'm to old for hanging out a whole week...LOL... I would love to hear your suggestions!


June 11, 2009


I am finally catching my breath again. I have been travelling a lot for work. I always think I will take the time to update my blog while I am on the road; but it never happens.

I worked in Houston from May 4 - May 23. I didn't look forward to the trip. The first time I travelled to Houston, I hated every minute of it. The traffic was horrible, the people were not very friendly, you name it.

I actually loved the time I spent there in May. The weather was beautiful...not to humid. The traffic did not bother me. I was much more comfortable. I don't know what the difference was this time. It could be that I have travelled a great deal for work during the past three years or my handy, dandy GPS. Whatever it was, I loved being in Houston. The Galleria area is awesome. I told someone that I could see myself living there. LOL...

My one and only niece celebrated her ninth birthday while I was in Houston. I was a little disappointed, as she had her party at the Clay Cafe, and I wasn't able to attend.

I told her that I would buy the paper goods for her party. She also wanted a cookie cake, which I told her I would buy. Before I left for Houston, I met she and her mom at Party City to pick out the plates, napkins, etc. She also picked out some cute party favors.

A few months ago, I purchased the cutest purse template from Papertrey Ink. I have been dying to use it. I told my sister-in-law that I would make "purses" to hold the party favors. I made four, one for my niece and each of her friends. I loved the way they turned out!

Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't make as much stuff for the boys. There are just so many things to make for girls. I really don't think the boys notice. As long as they get $$ they seem quite content.