October 26, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I love Sonic happy hour. There is nothing more refreshing than a Diet Coke with Sonic ice. I actually buy Sonic ice to use at home. Yum!

2. I generally do not watch a lot of television. I have a couple of shows that I like enough to set the DVR; but I can go days without turning on the television. However, I have been a little under the weather which required me to spend the last two weeks at home. Out of desperation I turned on the television. Marie Osmond and Nutri System are on more channels than I can count. The lottery has changed lives. The number one rock song of all time is Guns and Roses, Welcome to the Jungle. Seriously, Welcome to the Jungle. Sweet Child of Mine, maybe; but not Welcome to the Jungle. Who votes for these countdowns?

3. My back yard needs to be mowed. I hope to mow it for the last time this season. Winter is approaching.

4. It was still dark when I left for work yesterday morning. While I enjoy daylight savings time, I am ready to fall back.

5. Little by little I am trying to update the light fixtures throughout my house. I ordered five fixtures from Home Depot. Light fixtures are not cheap.

6. The inside of my house needs to be repainted. I can paint the living room, halls and bedroom. The bathrooms and kitchen scare me. What is a good neutral color? How do you paint behind the toilet?

7. I had a nice lunch with a friend yesterday. It was nice to catch up. She travels as much as I do so it is sometimes hard to make time to visit.

8. I received a sweet card via snail mail. It was quite unexpected. It made my day. It reminded me to be more thoughtful. I enjoy e-mail, it is a way of life these days; however there is still something to be said for snail mail.

9. I like to think I’m creative. I have a room full of craft supplies. I haven’t done anything creative in quiet some time. Hopefully the creativity will return sometime soon.

10. I discovered that it is okay to take a break from Facebook. Don’t get me wrong; I love to log on and see everyone’s status, but it doesn’t have to be a daily ritual for me.


1 comment:

Jacque said...

Painting around the toilet is a delicate situation to say the least. But rest assured, if you just can't reach somewhere, no one else is going to be close enough to see it.
If you pick a color, I'd be happy to help you paint over Christmas break. You know i love to paint! Seriously, i do!