October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I bought a Wii last May. I have not taken it out of the box. Seriously.

2. A couple of months ago, my dog, Sophie was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The vet prescribed two daily medications. The only way she will take the pills is if I hide them in a bite of her favorite chewy granola bar. She appears to be feeling much better. She is as yappy and rotten as ever.

3. I’ve also had several doctor appointments in the last couple of weeks. Like Sophie, I went from taking no medication to taking two prescriptions a day. I have always disliked taking medicine. Even in pill form. Eck. I guess taking daily medication comes with getting older. I’m not sure when or how I reached middle age. My mind still thinks I’m 28. My body not so much.

4. My laundry hamper is on the verge of being empty. Woo Hoo!!

5. I love to read. Finishing a good book and placing it on the book shelf afterwards has always given me a sense of satisfaction. While I love technology, I wasn’t so sure about reading digital books. I have to say, e-books ROCK.

6. I read the new book by Nicholas Sparks – Safe Haven. I love his books; his style of writing. Safe Haven was an okay read; but it wasn’t his best work. Yes, I read the digital version.

7. Sunday afternoon, I watched a movie on the Hallmark Channel. I had forgotten how much I enjoy Hallmark Channel movies. They always take me back to simpler times.

8. Speaking of television, my new favorite show this season is Hawaii 5-0. Action. Adventure. Water. Humor. Cute actors. Book ‘em Danno.

9. I haven’t listened to much country music in the last few years. However, I did purchase a couple of the Zac Brown Band songs on itunes.

10. October is baseball season. I know. Baseball season begins in the spring. But let's face it. There are way to many baseball games to keep up with during the regular season. But October. October. Crisp night air. Playoffs. World Series. It also helps when there is a Texas team in the running. GO RANGERS.


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