May 2, 2010

San Diego - Part One

I haven't been out of the state of Texas in a couple of years. So I decided for my birthday this year I wanted to take a trip. I asked my mom if she would like to go with me; and after much whining (from me) she agreed to go.

I asked my brother, Robert, where we should go. Robert was in the Navy for eight years and travelled to some really cool places. We visited him in Orlando and Seattle. Although both cities were awesome, we decided we wanted to travel somewhere new. We (I) wanted to visit somewhere with warm sunny weather and a beach. Robert suggested San Diego. Neither mom or I had ever been to California; so the decision was made.

We boarded a plane to San Diego on Friday, April 16, which just so happened to be my birthday.

We talked to the nicest lady in the airport as we were waiting to claim our luggage. She gave us some suggestions on places to visit during our stay. We caught the Enterprise shuttle and it carried us to the busiest Enterprise location in the 50 states. Well actually I don't know if it was the busiest in the 50 states; but it was by far the busiest I have ever been to. They finally called our name for a car and our adventure began.

We couldn't check into the hotel until 3:00 p.m. We drove around for a while, just taking in the scenery. Eventually we found a parking space behind Joe's Crab Shack, right on the beach. We ate dinner and then I walked down to the beach to stick my toes in the sand. Then we were off to find our hotel.

Saturday morning, after a delicous breakfast at the hotel, we set out to see San Diego.

Our first stop of the day was the Swap Meet.

There were lots of things for sale.
Musical instruments.

Tools, tools and more tools.

Fruits and vegetables.

I have absolutely no clue what these red things are, but there were several tubs of them.

We mostly browsed.
Mom bought six marbles for $1.
I bought an old pink candy dish for $4.
We are really big spenders!

Our next stop was the zoo.

I'll be honest. I really wasn't excited about going to the zoo.
However, I had heard that it was one of the best in the world, so we couldn't not go.

It was amazing.
The giraffes were beautiful.

We saw zebras,

and elephants,

and pink flamingos.

Our first day out and about in beautiful San Diego was perfect!


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