September 20, 2009

Cowboy Symposium

Last Saturday, I received a telephone call from a friend that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. She and her husband were in town for the Cowboy Symposium. She stated she would like to see me and asked if I would meet them.

I really did not have a desire to attend the Cowboy Symposium. It is a neat event. I have attended in the past. It is not really my cup of tea. I did want to see my friend; so I headed out to the civic center.

We walked through the inside exhibits, looking at items of interest and catching up. We ended up outside walking among the chuck wagons. She stated that her husband had purchased a wagon and was in the process of rebuilding it.

Some of the wagons were really neat.

There had been a contest earlier in the day regarding which wagon cooked the best food. The cooks on each wagon had been given the same ingredients and told to prepare a meal. Then they were judged individually on the meat, potatoes, bread and dessert.

One of the wagons belonged to two sisters. Both of the sisters were in their 70’s. Each of them wore an apron from Imperial Sugar. I wasn’t there for lunch, so I can’t say how good the food was. I know they took home several awards. The aprons ROCKED! I want one!

Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday afternoon!

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