February 21, 2009


My sweet mom is seventy years young today. Mom is such a kind and giving person. She has always been my biggest supporter. I talk with my parents, especially my mom, every day. Not that I am partial to mom, I love both my parents dearly, but my dad doesn’t talk much. Oh, he will answer the phone if mom is not home and sometimes he might answer when she is at home, if he actually hears it ring, but if mom is available he usually passes the phone to her after just a few words. Anyway, mom and I had a conversation earlier this week regarding her birthday. She informed me that she did not receive a birthday card from me last year and she would really like to get one this year. I tried to remember if I sent her a birthday card last year.

I usually make everyone in my family a handmade birthday card. However, last year was a difficult year for me. Although I tried to remember birthdays and at least buy cards, I don’t remember sending mom a card. She remembered. I gave her a gift, but no card. I didn’t realize that a card would mean so much to her.

Mom quilted when we were growing up. She and my grandmother had wooden quilting frames that hung from the ceiling. I decided to use a stamp set from Papertrey Ink called Quilter’s Sampler to make mom’s birthday card. When talking to mom on the phone, I asked her what her favorite color is. She told me she didn’t know, she doesn’t have a favorite color. How can someone not have a favorite color? I finally asked her if I were making her a quilt, what color would she want it to be. After much deliberation, she stated sky blue. So here is her card. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you.

I finished the card late Thursday night, so the picture is not that great (no natural light). I also had to trim the quilt blocks with scissors because the square punches that I have are bigger than the blocks. Lucky for me, PTI has a square punch just the right size.
Many Blessings!


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